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雲南白藥 Yunnan Baiyao

雲南白藥是雲南著名的中成藥,由雲南民間醫生曲煥章於1902年研製成功,原名“曲煥章百寶丹”。對減打損傷,創傷出血有很好的療效。雲南白藥由名貴藥材製成 ,具有化瘀止血,活血止痛,解毒消腫之功效。問世百年來,雲南白藥以其獨特,神奇的功效被譽為“中華瑰寶,傷科聖藥”,也由此成名於世,蜚聲海外。 1955年曲煥章的妻子繆蘭英向中華人民共和國政府獻出該藥的配方,之後雲南白藥開始在其他藥廠生產。1991年,雲南白藥被列為國家“一級保護中藥”,之後一直以國家衛生部絕密為其保存。雲南白藥集團為唯一合法生産雲南白藥的藥廠。

"Yunnan Baiyao" is a famous Chinese patent medicine in Yunnan. It was developed by Yunnan folk doctor Qu Huanzhang in 1902. It was originally called “Qu Huan Zhang Bai Bao Dan”. It has a good effect on reducing injury and traumatic bleeding. Yunnan Baiyao is made of precious medicinal herbs, which has the effects of relieving blood stasis, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, detoxification and swelling. In the past 100 years, Yunnan Baiyao has been hailed for its unique and magical effect, and it has become famous all over the world. In 1955, Qu Huanzhang’s wife, Lan Lanying, presented the formula to the government of the People’s Republic of China, and Yunnan Baiyao began to be produced in other pharmaceutical factories. In 1991, Yunnan Baiyao was listed as the national “first-class protected Chinese medicine”, and has been preserved by the Ministry of Health.  Yunnan Baiyao Group is the sole producer of "Yunnan Baiyao"