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About Us

Wing Quon Enterprises Ltd was established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1989. With a humble beginning, along with the dedication and hard work of all staff past and present, a strong work ethic, and unwavering adherence to an entrepreneurial spirit, the company pioneered the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry in Canada and has steadily developed alongside the market. Wing Quon is now one of the largest and well-renowned TCM and health products providers in Canada.

Wing Quon was founded on the principles of trust, integrity and most of all, the improvement of patients through our products. Over the years Wing Quon has imported and distributed medicines and health products sourced worldwide. With this experience, along with its associated companies, Wing Quon currently controls over 1400 Health Canada approved Natural Product Number (NPN) registrations, a Medical Device Establishment License, and a Health Canada licensed manufacturing facility for natural health products. Combining high quality products with fair pricing, the company has attained a reputable rapport with the TCM community, and high praise from both industry and partners.

Wing Quon imports different types of TCM products in different forms including pills, capsules, plasters, balms, liquid tinctures, sprays, oral liquids, teas, and granule etc. Our products are supplied by well known manufacturers and brands such as: Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation, Shenzhen China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical, Guilin China Resources Tianhe Pharmaceutical, Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou HuQingYuTang Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao Group, Shanghai LeiYunShang Pharmaceutical, Sinopharm Zhonglian Pharmaceutical, Wuhan MaYingLong Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Central Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Tasly Pharmaceutical, Shineway Pharmaceutical, Minkang Pharmaceutical, Shenyang HongYao Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong M&A Natural Healthcare, Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow International, Hong Kong Po Sum On, Singapore Eagle Brand, Singapore Axe Brand, Poon Goor Soe etc.

In addition to importing of TCM, Wing Quon also supplies various health food products sourced worldwide. Precious ingredients such as Cordyceps from Tibet; Dried Fish Maw from various countries; Deer products (Tails, Velvet, Sinews, Pizzles) from New Zealand; Abalone from South Africa and Japan; Birds nest from Thailand and Indonesia; cultivated Ginseng from Ontario; wild Ginseng from USA; Sea Cucumber from Mexico, Honduras, Greece, Japan, USA, and Canada.

In the future, Wing Quon is dedicated to continuing sourcing high quality goods and to further the development of the TCM market in Canada, with the goal of having traditional products be the first choice for consumers available in all the same channels as over the counter drugs. Increased acceptance by consumers of natural health products will further propel the popularity of TCM and further the understanding of this very successful paradigm.


本公司遵循堅守信義,醫有醫德,經商守規的原則。秉持多年經銷環球成藥及豐富藥材經驗的驅使下,本公司持有G.M.P.合格生産許可證, 并銷售擁有NPN號碼的各大藥商的名牌產品。以上乘質量,合理價格,贏得在社區僑胞中較高的評價,深得業界及業務合作單位的至高讚賞。

加拿大永廣企業有限公司經銷百餘种環球成藥,數百种名貴藥材及飲片,所選用的各地地道藥材乃經中國G.M.P.加工廠加工, 選料上乘,取价合理,以薄利多銷為原則。其中名貴藥材包括精選冬蟲夏草;多國進口的優質花膠;新西蘭入口的鹿茸,鹿尾巴, 鹿腳筋,鹿鞭等產品;日本吉品鮑,禾麻鮑,南非網鮑;泰國進口的上等燕窩;加拿大安大略省西洋參;美國野生人參等產品。近年來加拿大永廣企業有限公司開始擴展到從各國入口野生海參,如墨西哥刺參,日本刺參,北美刺參,地中海刺參,尼加拉瓜禿參 等等。